Clark's Restaurant Menu
British Tapas & Small Plates
By Rob Clark

We would recommend 2-3 dishes per person served as a starter or as many as you fancy


Serrano Ham & Black Truffled Quails Egg
White Truffled Mayonnaise
'Burnt' Toast,Mustard Cress 4.75
Duck Liver Mousse
Mango Chutney,Jamaican Gingerbread Toast
PX Sherry Syrup 4.50
Pressed Pork & Grain Mustard
Crab Apple Jelly,Pork Scratching
 Dry Cider Reduction 4.50


Beetroot & Lime Cured Salmon
White Lake Somerset Goat Curd
’Poor Man’s’Caviar
Pomegranate Pearls 4.50
Rope Grown Shetland Mussels
Smoked Bacon Lardons,Lemon & Cream 4.50
Panko Crispy Squid
Squid Ink Mayonnaise 4.50 

Cheese Doughnuts
Chilli Jam, Crispy Fried Shallots 4.50
Waldorf Salad
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds,Pickled Walnuts 4.00
Our Homemade Hummus
Salted Celery,Wasabi Peanuts4.00

British Tapas & Small Plates 4 for 16.00

Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients if you have any dietary requirements or requests to adapt a dish to your needs|taste please speak to a member of the team when ordering.  Specials Boards available in addition to the menu

Disclaimer:Any pictures used in our website are purely visual and may not fully represent dishes received. 
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