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AUTUMN Evening Menu

Guinea Fowl Supreme, Truffle’d Dauphinoise Potatoes, Green Bean ‘Nicoise’, Spiced Sauerkraut, Chicken & Tarragon Glacé 18.50


Icelandic Cod, Scarborough IPA & Mature Cheddar Cheese Rarebit,New Potatoes,Sea Vegetables & Herb Crumble,Chive Emulsion 19.95


21 Day Aged 10oz Ribeye Steak,Rosemary Compote Butter, Pickled Shallot & Celeriac Remoulade Salad, Skin on French Fries 23.95

Cashel Blue & Parsley Sauce 3.00

Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce 3.00


Haunch of Wild Deer,Braised Red Cabbage,Clark’s‘Allotment’Gathered Apple & Dates,Beetroot & Potatoes Anna,Plum & Orange Relish, Blackcurrant & Game Stock Reduction 25.00


Half a Native Yorkshire Lobster,Pickled Shallot,Cherry Tomato & Fennel ‘Slaw’ Salad, Skin on French Fries

Market Price Applies Subject to Availability of Stocks by The Yorkshire Lobster Company


Clark’s Best of Both!Half a Native Yorkshire Lobster & 5oz Ribeye Steak,Pickled Shallot,Cherry Tomato & Fennel‘Slaw’ Salad, Skin on French Fries

Market Price Applies Subject to Availability of Stocks by The Yorkshire Lobster Company

Cashel Blue & Parsley Sauce 3.00|Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce 3.00


Black Truffle & Mushroom Tortellini,Gran Duca Parmigiana & Fresh Slices of Truffle 20.00


Look out for our Seasonal Specials

Allergy Information : Please inform us of any allergies you may have as our menus change regularly and dishes do not list all ingredients used. You may want to discuss your requirements with a member of our team or the chef.         

Clark’s Restaurant

     40 Queen Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1HQ

Reservations: www.clarksrestaurant.co.uk or  01723 447373




Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Fondant,Cracked Hazelnuts,Caramel Sauce,Vanilla Ice Cream 7.50(please allow 15 minutes to cook)
Lemon & Raspberry Posset, Shortbread Biscuit 6.50
Iced White Chocolate & Strawberry Parfait,Granola, Honey & Cider 7.00
Cheese Board
2 Cheeses 7.50| 3 - 8.95
Served with Biscuits, Our Chutney, Celery & Grapes
(Please ask staff for details.
Add a Port 3.25)


Moscato passito - araldica
half bottle 19.50
or by the glass 3.25
This wine has a deep golden colour and an intensely aromatic flavour with apricot & acacia honey notes


Heritage fine tawny port - krohn bottle 22.95
50 ml
Pedro ximenez-fernando de castillo 50 ml 4.50


Cappuccino 2.40|Late 2.40|Americano 2.40
Espresso single 1.80
double 2.30
Liqueur coffee 4.75
Tea|Herbal Tea 2.00